Saturday, June 16, 2007

First Aid Videos

Recovery Position

Baby CPR

Child CPR

Adult CPR

Dealing with burns and scalds

Dealing with severe bleeding

Sprains and Strains

Dealing with chooking

Elevation sling

Mr Bean performs First Aid at a Bus Stop
First aid

CPR Video by Students (nice tune "Axel F")

A short history of Occupational Disease in the United States of America

Dr Hamilton, a pioneer in Occupational Medicine
Alice Hamilton, M.D., was "the first American physician to devote her life to the practice of industrial medicine." Born into a prominent family of Fort Wayne, Indiana, she graduated from medical school at the University of Michigan in 1893. She later moved into Jane Addams' Hull House, and there provided a well-baby clinic for residents of the settlement's neighborhood. Seeing the problems of poor working class families at close range, her compassion and professional interest were inexorably drawn to the many victims of work-related diseases and injuries. She pioneered occupational epidemiology and industrial hygiene in the United States beginning with investigations of lead poisoning among enamelers of bathtubs. Her findings were so scientifically persuasive, that they caused sweeping reforms, both voluntary and regulatory, to reduce occupational exposure to lead. In 1919, Dr. Hamilton was appointed assistant professor of industrial medicine at Harvard Medical School, becoming the first woman on the faculty of Harvard University. This video was produced by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in 1988. Brought to you by SafetyTV Library,

Friday, June 15, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007

Needlestick Injury Prevention - Bloodborne pathogens

Needlestick Prevention (HC pro) Training Video

Bloodborne pathogens (HC pro)

Hand Washing - Hand Hygiene @ Work and @ Home

Washing Hands at Work and at Home - Proper Hand Hygiene
UCSF Infection control department (USA): Hand washing With Soap

UCSF Infection control department (USA): Hand cleaning with Alcohol

Wreckless Media (WM): Just a funny video (on some classical music)

Hand washing skit
Learning children to wash their hands properly
(Duration 7 minutes)

Hand washing: 6 steps
Safety TV
(Duration 1 minute)

What's the proper way to wash your hands? (Kitchen - Child)

Is hand washing fun?

After using the toilet, hand washing !! (NL: "Na het plassen, handen wassen !")

Crawford The Cat (full version)

Sesame street
What do we do before we eat?

Employees must wash hands

Please wash your hands

WorkSafe BC, Canada (British Columbia)
Hand hygiene Shuffle (song)

An Introduction to the DVD about Hand hygiene

Proper hand washing (Dr. Troutman (USA)

Wash your hands (Dr Kuhn, AIDS)

Sopacabana (tune is Copacabana of Barry Manilow)

Hand washing (song)

Make germs squirm

Dr Bagel

Wash your hands – Biohazard

Keep them clean

Part 1: Hand Model

Part 2: slide

Part 3: Bathroom


Hand wassing 101 (2 different videos)

CBC News: Dirty doctors

Wash your hands